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Build a trusted & convenient marketplace with your colleagues.

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Why Cubesales?

Buying and selling is a concept which exists in many companies, as a notice board pin up or email listings. But none of these channels have the reach, ease of use or ability to connect people in a meaningful way.

At Cubesales we want to build a LinkedIn based marketplace to buy, sell or trade things to your colleagues with trust and convenience. Activate your cube for Cubesales now.

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    Always know who you are dealing with. At Cubesales you will be dealing with people whom you work with.
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    No more stranger showing up at your house or parking lots to exchange things. Now all you have to do is, put things you want to sell in your car trunk and list it on Cubesales.
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    Grow your Network
    Buying and selling is a great way to meet people to grow your network. Meet new people around you with similar interests.

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